The Power of an Alkaline Breakfast

Secrets of an Alkaline Breakfast

If you’re interested in healthy eating—and certainly if you’ve done a cleanse or other program with me—you know a bit about being alkaline. Think back to your high school or undergrad chemistry class. Do you remember those litmus papers? The ones we licked or spit on or (yuck!) dipped in our urine to find out whether our bodies were more acidic or alkaline?

In an ideal world, your body would be slightly alkaline—it’s your body’s favorite way to be. When you’re alkaline, your body systems run efficiently, your immune system is strong, you are focused, and you don’t experience those distressing, energy-draining, health-crushing cravings.

Yes, you read that correctly. When you’re alkaline, your body systems run efficiently, your immune system is strong, you are focused, and you don’t experience those distressing, energy-draining, health-crushing cravings.

But how can you create an alkaline body?

One easy way is to avoid foods, drinks and activities that push you into the acidic zone. Sugar, alcohol, caffeine, artificial ingredients, wheat, soy, airborne chemicals, and stress hormones are some of these acidifying agents.

Another way to create an alkaline body is to start alkalizing your body the moment you wake up. If you start alkalizing yourself in the morning, you’re less likely to want a muffin and a cappuccino at 10 am, fast food for lunch, a four-pack of brownies around 3 pm and pasta for dinner. You simply won’t experience cravings. Or, the cravings you do get will be mild and manageable—not the persistent, soul-crushing, hijacking cravings you may be experiencing now.

Imagine a day without being hijacked by cravings. That’s what an alkaline breakfast can give you.

That’s why I ask clients to start their day in this very specific way:


  • As soon as you wake up and before you eat or drink anything else—in other words, before you put anything else in your body—please drink a large glass of lukewarm water (not cold!) with a squirt of lemon or lime juice or a splash of apple cider vinegar. (Think one-teaspoon of citrus or vinegar). This will instantly work to alkalize you (even though citrus and vinegar are acids, these work to powerfully alkalize your body). They also help flush trapped water and toxins that may have built up as you slept.
  • Make a green drink. I adore the way greens—with their big dose of chlorophyll—give you an instant “high” and sustained energy. They just make you feel good. Green drinks are filled with chlorophyll and phytonutrients that help alkalize you. A reminder: An alkaline body experiences fewer and milder cravings for sugar, carbohydrates, alcohol and caffeine than a body that is more acidic. As you get going with the green drinks, you will actually feel your cravings for hard-to-resist foods shrink. Which is going to help you enormously in your get-healthy journey. (Do you need a green drink blueprint? Go here.)
  • Enjoy some clean protein. One of the biggest pitfalls of the modern breakfast is it is filled with simple carbs. Think about it—toast, cold cereal, a large bowl of fruit, fruit juice, pancakes, waffles, breakfast pastries, muffins… all filled with simple carbs, which your body converts to sugar. Not good for your energy levels, your blood sugar, or your ability to go through the day cravings-free. By having a bit of energy-giving, energy-sustaining protein with your green drink, you are giving your body a steady source of powerful fuel. This will help keep you focused, energetic, and calm. Great choices for protein could be a piece of fish, poultry or meat from last night’s dinner, an egg or two, a cup of beans topped with salsa, a bowl of vegan chili, a cup of lentil soup, ¼ cup of nuts, nut butter spread on celery, a quinoa bowl made with black beans, hummus and veggie dippers…. There are so many choices!


Try three days eating this way and I guarantee you’ll feel like a new, less-distracted, stronger person. I promise!



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