“I loved Stephanie’s 21-day detox. It was the perfect mix of great information, inspiration and support. I learned lots, I was inspired, and I felt very supported by Stephanie. She made it clear that wherever we were at and how we each did this detox was perfect.

I received lots of great suggestions to handle my own challenging times…..such as nibbling after dinner, and being out and about. Stephanie made this really easy, and in addition to dropping some pounds, my body feels like it’s been decluttered. Plus, I have new tools to help me make good choices.

If you’re feeling bogged down or off track with your eating, I highly recommend working with Stephanie…. and bring all your questions. She’s a font of amazing information. ”

Vicky White

Inner Feng Shui Coach and Pathfinder for Women on the Edge of REINVENTION
Vancouver, British Columbia


“What a joy to be coached by Stephanie! As an Entrepreneur and a Mum it is really important that I have superb energy to run my business and have the vitality to keep up with my 3 children. Stephanie gave me a wonderful Morning Ritual to set me up for Power in my day, my life and my business, as well as giving me the radiant glow that I, as a woman, love.

As a Feminine Leader I believe in leading myself first. Besides supporting me in my peak performance, Stephanie also uncovered more potential in my business and came up with brilliant ideas that will help me in my mission to make a difference in the world and help women live abundant lives.

Her coaching is gentle, comforting and empowering. She has many gifts and is highly skilled at what she does. You will get way more out of your work with her than you came for.

Thank you Stephanie for showing me the Irresistible Factor in my Life and Business!”

Fatma Zaidi

Feminine Leadership Coach
Live your Magnificence!
Toronto, Ontario


“Stephanie is an amazing wellness coach. She really hears you, and what you want out of life, and is a gentle guide along the process. Whether you are ready to take the bull by the horns with big changes right away, or want to ease into a new life of wellness, she is the one for you. She is warm, kind, and creates a safe space where you can be authentic and really open about you well-being.”
Jennifer L. Daily, LSCW

Therapist and Parenting Coach
Jennifer Daily Counselor
New York, New York


“Before I began working with Stephanie I was immersed in long hours of work. I was not getting enough sleep, I felt sluggish, boated and looked puffy. I didn’t have the energy I wanted. I was in a downward spiral of just eating out of emotion. I was drinking way too much coffee to get energy but not quite getting the energy I needed. And I was feeling overwhelmed.In the first conversation I had with Stephanie, I felt an immediate connection. She shared openly her story and her passion with wellness. She inspired me and her energy appealed to me. I wanted someone who I could trust and feel safe with, as well as someone who is genuine and inspiring. That person is Stephanie!After my first session with her I felt both empowered and challenged. I felt increased energy, I was sleeping better, and I was more sharply focused. Now, I am able to apply Stephanie’s teachings as second nature. These aren’t something “separate” from my life, but rather a pleasurable part of my life. Longterm, I am more productive with my time. I have more energy when I’m with my clients, when I travel and when I’m interacting with people at events.

I looooove Stephanie! She’s the best!”

Re Perez

Branding Consultant
New York, New York


“For years I’d felt invisible. Not even construction workers looked at me! My husband didn’t seem jazzed by my company and I felt so mousy that I barely noticed myself. So when I met Stephanie at a networking event, knew I wanted what she had. She just radiates health and peace and sensuality. I wanted her radiance, her comfort with herself, her ease with other people, and her total beauty. I signed on as a client hoping for the best. The best is exactly what I got. The best is now me! At 45, I am healthier and more successful and sexier and (yes!) radiant than I have ever been. Stephanie calls this irresistibility and I’m thrilled to say I now have it, too! Life is now so fun! Thanks, Stephanie!”

Mari Jensen

Mari Jensen, Esq.
New York, New York


“Stephanie’s expertise in matters of diet and holistic health are quite amazing. Her personalized interview at the start of our healing relationship is caring and full of expert advice. I would recommend Stephanie’s caring sessions without reservation. She is a dear and kind soul, who is confident and professional. It is a joy working with her!”
Pamela Olsen, LMT

Massage Therapist
Olsen Shiatsu & Massage
New York, New York

“I used to believe that life is something that happens to you and that it is your job to handle what happens as calmly as you can. I now know that life is my movie to star in however I want. Stephanie held a vision of my success when I couldn’t see success for myself. This was an outrageously powerful experience. Stephanie is tough. She expects a lot from me and she alternately holds my hand and pushes me to make sure I succeed. I would not have the extreme physical and emotional health, the relationship, the job, or the self-love I now enjoy without her support.”

Monica Perez

Graduate Student, Film Studies, NYU
New York, New York


“After just 3 months of working with Stephanie, I have gone from what I called dumpy to being irresistible. It is true. I am irresistible. Extreme health and self-love has made me confident and magnetic, which are my secret beauty weapons. You would not believe the things I now attract into my life-a $10,000 mid-year pay raise, weekly flowers and footrubs from my husband and the comfort of really diving into my life and going for what I want.”

Serina Brunner, RN

Operating Room Nurse
New York, New York


“We’ve been wanting to work with a nutritionist but haven’t been able to find the right one. We were looking for someone who had experience with people who had lost a kidney to cancer, as well as experience with allergies and with a host of family food issues. Stephanie fit all those things, being a Mom herself, as well as having the expertise with our specific problems. We didn’t want someone who was just going to spout off the food pyramid ideology that never worked for us. We wanted someone familiar with the Paleo diet, as well as Gluten Free diet.

She’s awesome. She gave us lots of great information as well as being really personable and real. As a Mom of three myself, I loved that she really “got” me and our family’s unique set of needs. She spoke with every member of the family and gave each of us personalized attention and customized advice and suggestions instead of some pat formula. It was so amazing to know that she could switch gears with each family member and not skip a beat.

I have been pain free since I spoke to her and took corn out of my diet! Wahoo! Doesn’t get much better than that considering that pain was an everyday ocurrance for me. We’ve all stopped snacking in front of the TV at night because we just don’t crave those crunchy salty foods anymore. Who knew that changing our breakfast would set us up for the rest of the day in such a healthy way! Hubby says he’s feeling full all day and he’s cut diet sodas out altogether. Yay!

I’m watching my whole family find solutions for their specific needs. And all it took was the right information, coupled with Stephanie’s ongoing check ins and some tweaking to our diet to make huge impact. Hubby already looks slimmer and healthier and my kids are eating better.

Lisa Gottfried

Napa, California


“When I came to Stephanie I had regained a bunch of weight (close to 30 lbs) that was tearing my mind apart from my body and spirit in really tragic ways. Further, I was facing a major surgery that was posing a threat to my existing health routines. I was very worried about gaining weight becuase I was going to be coach-bound. I felt helpless and hopeless. I had lost any faith in my metabolism, and was inconsistent in exercise and nutrition. I was also seeing lots of symptoms that indicated food allergies. My doctor was not hearing me and assumed it was all environmental or stress related. Different practitioners either gave me conflicting information or expected me to be able to do major detoxing or expensive overnight therapies without hearing my fear.

She held loving space for me when I was not loving my body. I confessed to her on that call that I didn’t see that my body deserved food. I really had an ethic about me that my body “should use what’s in storage” not realizing my error. That seems like so long ago!

I continue to work with Stephanie. This journey has been one of epic proportions so far, and will only continue to expand in every direction. The attention I gave to my body before was punitive and withholding. Stephanie helped me see that my body has wisdom and uses pain, discomfort, disturbance, joy, appetite and cravings, desire, skin and hair changes and much more to communicate her needs to me. She helped me slow down and honor my body each day through writing, breathing, stretching, moving, and eating generous amounts of greens—which I have come to LOVE. One major impact has been that as my body has become healthier my emotional and spiritual life has heightened. I’ve become much more aware, and have really had an awakening as a result.

Six months later, I now feel like a different person. I’ve stepped out on my own in many ways and have new challenges rising all the time.

Thank you, Stephanie!”

Mary Shey

YMCA director
Manchester, New Hampshire


“I would recommend Stephanie again and again. I have a lot of knowledge already about nutrition: As a triathalete, I frequently get advice from friends and trainers about the best diet for the sport and/or sports drinks and nutrition. But there was a balance lacking in my nutrition. Even though I was working out all the time and aware of what foods would help me lose weight and gain muscle, my strict diet was very hard to maintain and something about it just felt unhealthy.

Stephanie helped me find a more balanced approach through introducing me to the alkaline diet which has helped not just my athletics, but also every aspect of my personal and professional life. Not only have I gotten stronger and leaner, my focus and energy levels are better then ever. Plus I am not craving junk anymore after a big workout, so my blood sugar levels have evened out. This has really benefited my physical and emotional health.

So have I lost weight, absolutely, but that is not really why I would recommend Stephanie. The weight loss is just the icing on the cake, it is the overall wellness that working with her has allowed me to incorporate into my lifestyle- that is the truly priceless benefit. So if you want to just lose weight, do Atkins or Weight Watchers or another program like that. But if you want to change your life while you lose the weight, then call Stephanie. ”

Wendy Fitzsimons, Esq.

New York, New York


“My experience with Stephanie Pedersen’s 21 Day Detox was amazing. I started out with a reluctance to detoxing because I knew it was going to mean giving up certain things which I really didn’t want to give up, i.e. Diet Coke and processed foods. I had tried on my own to clean up my diet, but I honestly couldn’t stand the withdrawal and cravings so I would throw in the towel and return to my chemical-laden diet.

I am happy to report that after only one attempt to drink a Diet Coke on my third day into the program. I have had absolutely no cravings. In fact that Diet Coke on the third day was thrown away ¾ full, because my tastebuds had already began to shift and it tasted “off “to me.

Working with Stephanie was extremely pleasurable. Her support, intuition and cheerleading were the missing link in my being able to eat healthy. The food choices she suggested and menus were carefully balanced. I had no negative physical reactions to changing my foods. I believe this is because my body was finally getting the nutrition it was craving. When I did fall off the “wagon,” her encouragement and reassurance were key elements in me not throwing in the towel.

I enjoyed the community she built around those of us participating in her program. It was refreshing and fun to have others to compare notes with and offer support. Reading about another person’s triumphs helped motivate me to try harder. I know for certain if I had attempted to do this on my own I would have failed. Stephanie’s savvy in-depth knowledge of nutrition and her compassionate caretaking of each person in her program, is a winning combination and made it possible for me to succeed.

My stomach felt flatter and more defined and my clothes are hanging loser on my frame. These were unexpected pleasant benefits, I hadn’t even considered when joining.

My primary focus was that of cleaner eating. Accomplished! My diet has significantly changed. I now find myself being more thoughtful as to the choices of foods I make. I even surprise myself, as I find my attention and cravings leaning towards more green vegetables.

I adored working with Stephanie and highly recommend her services and program. I don’t know where else you are going to find such a dynamic of skills and wisdom. Stephanie’s unique blend of generosity, compassion, sense of fun, insight and incredible knowledge of nutrition and people are a gift.”

Paula Jessop

Soul Alchemist
New York, NY


“As I get older I have gained an increasing awareness that affirmatively taking good care of my body and health is an important act of survival and self love. It makes sense to begin with detoxing. cleaning your vessel, as a preparation for the good stuff you plan to put in it. I was therefore thrilled to be given the opportunity to participate in Stephanie Pedersen’s 21-Day Power Life Detox program.

What a wonderful program Stephanie’s detox method proved to be. I expected sacrifice, I was wrong. I expected starvation, I was wrong. I expected condemnation, shame and guilt for my past food choices and habits, I was wrong. This was painless, gentle, seamless, supportive and fun. Yes fun! Stephanie is such an expert, a marvelous resource for nutritional and health information. Most importantly, this is not just a 21-Day program and then back to your old life. I finished this program with the tools and information necessary to begin a life long commitment to good health. My food choices have changed. My taste buds have changed I am inspired to continue the fundamentals of this program as a life style. Stephanie has developed a program that I would highly recommend to everyone.”

Epiphany Hoskins

South Beach, Florida


“When I signed up for the 21-Day Power Life Detox program with Stephanie Pedersen I thought it would be a good way to clean out my diet and deal with ongoing food cravings which seemed to always have the upper hand. Having tried various programs and approaches and diets in the past, I was willing to try this, too. Working with Stephanie was extremely gentle. She eased us into a comprehensive program so gradually, that it really did not seem difficult. Her approach to green drinks alone has been absolutely life changing for me and I will never eat completely the way I did before her program ever again!

The group of us shared a private facebook page where we could ask questions, make comments, and check in on how each other was doing. Stephanie was responsive to every comment as she’s a tremendous resource with a wealth of information, and an encouraging cheerleader. She genuinely wants us all to succeed! There were weekly coaching calls where we would ask questions and discuss things, learn from each other and get the benefit of working together as a group. Lastly, in addition to detoxing our diets and our bodies we were also gently guided toward detoxing many other aspects of our lives. With each new layer that was introduced I found myself saying, “Huh?” and yet the pieces fit together seamlessly, as our lives are never one-dimensional, and neither is her approach. This was such an unexpected bonus.

I’ve revamped my diet, lost weight, learned so many wonderful ways to eat that are satisfying and delicious, my skin is glowing, and my life is improved in a myriad of ways that I could not have imagined when I began. This was an amazing journey and working with gentle Stephanie was an absolute treat! I recommend her to anyone!”


Brooklyn, NY


“Stephanie! Can I just tell you how AMAZING you are! I think you are so SMART, GENEROUS, KNOWLEDGEABLE, REAL, AMAZING, NEUTRAL, LOVING, WISE holistic nutritionist EVER! Not to mention beautiful, sexy and down to earth! I really appreciate you and can’t wait to share you with others! Seriously- I’m in awe! Also, I’ve done really well with veggies and such in my diet, staying away from processed foods and gluten. I’m working on no gluten for Aden. We got brown rice cakes and did that with peanut butter. he liked that. Added in almonds for snacks- that worked. Snuck in some veggies in one of those- applesaucy/veggie combo squeeze packages- that went over well. I’m going for cleaning up and working out the processed stuff first- and feel great about that. Last night he did gluten free pancakes with REAL maple syrup. cucumbers and carrots with hummus and had done nuts as a snack. Yesterday morning I got him to eat some eggs with his breakfast too. Slow and steady wins the race, right?? BIG LOVE!”

Donna DiFucci Otmani

Spiritual Marketing Mentor
New York, NY


“By the end of our first two weeks together, Stephanie had me—a person who had absolutely NO TIME for me—easily and joyfully meditating, writing morning pages, juicing, doing stretches, focusing on exercise and really recognising that I needed to make changes if I wanted a changed life.

I have made permanent changes to my daily health routine. I now have myself put firmly ‘first’ in my day, rather than work, or my family. And I can see how work and my family are reaping the rewards from that switch of emphasis. I take action to socialise and have more fun. I am no longer a slave to my ‘inbox’ and to other’s expectations. I recognise my limits now and make a stand for myself and my life.

Stephanie has made sure that my dreams are never forgotten (which they were before). Each week she comes up with a new way for me to try to move forward, or expand my notions of what is possible. For myself, my family, my community.

And that she had my back in helping me attain my dreams. She has made me realise that I have a tendency to abandon my dreams because of life’s demands—and that I must not do that. She has gently but firmly kept reminding me that I am a soul that needs nourishment. She has given me courage to tackle some tough family challenges. Always, always, there is the fact that I feel she has my back. I, who have always felt alone, feel like I have some one on side.

She has made me remember possibilities.

Stephanie’s is a holistic, all-encompassing, approach to life that takes on more than you imagined was possible, more than you thought you were ready – or willing – to do. And gets you to somewhere you never imagined.”

Constance Harris

Fashion writer for The Sunday Independent, Ireland
Shamanic Healer
Dublin, Ireland


“Stephanie’s 21-Day Power Life Detox was amazing. Whether it was via email, on Facebook, on the weekly calls, or personal calls and text messages, Stephanie made me feel incredible support and love. Having finished the detox, my body feels strong and powerful, and my skin is clear and glowing. The feeling of connectedness to my body is wonderful, and I’m excited to continue this green drink journey!Thanks Stephanie!”

Lauren Kelston

New York, NY


Stephanie is a fantastic listener and communicator. Her enthusiasm, encouragement and knowledge of health and wellness are unsurpassed.

I decided to participate in her 21-Day Power Life Detox program, quite frankly because while I am happy with my weight and exercise very regularly, I eat way too much ice-cream and chocolate. Further, I have Multiple Sclerosis and my symptoms are often triggered by wheat/gluten, caffeine, alcohol and sugar. Despite my determination to take great care of myself and eat the right foods to nourish my body, avoiding sugar in particular, has always been a battle for me.

The 21-Day Detox gave me the tools to move forward armed with knowledge to make choices that make my body feel energized, cleaner and lighter and keep my mind sharp and focused. I am human however, and know I will fall off the wagon again and again, but after this powerful experience with Stephanie I know exactly what I need to do to get back on track. ”

Jill Watson

New Jersey


“Stephanie is a master. No hype or hyperbole. Just wise and smart.

She knows her stuff and keeps up with recent developments. And she knows that people will best
make major changes through small steps. With a simple shift in my breakfast and the addition
of one vitamin (not an expensive array of 8 or more), I’m managing my hypoglycemia for the
FIRST time in my life. And she is the only person or doctor who recognized that the eczema on
my eyelids was due to corn.

I can’t speak highly enough of Stephanie.”

Vicky Stein

Event Planner for Entrepreneurs and Coaches
Profitable Event Planning


“I am so grateful that signed up for this detox. It went above and beyond what a traditional detox might do: Stephanie addressed all aspects of our lives—physical, yes, but also spiritual and emotional. I was really blown away by the non-physical changes. Plus, I lost 5 pounds on the detox, and I gained clarity and a deeper connection to my emotions. Thank you so much, Stephanie!”

Charley Stewart

New York, NY