The Cure for “I Don’t Wanna”

Do you have ever go through periods where you just don’t want to?

*You don’t want to try anything new

*You don’t want to cook for yourself

*You don’t want to eat healthy

*You don’t want to exercise

*You don’t want to limit your nightly wine

*You don’t want to give up that third daily latte

*You don’t want to even know about easy things that could make you look and feel better

All you want to do is what you want to do. Which, if you’re like me, involves food, wine and facebook.

Usually these periods of ennui pass quickly enough, leaving us with gifts of reflection and realization. These fallow periods provide a chance to slow down and learn something new about ourselves. It’s all good as I like to say and, in the end, there is no lasting harm done to our health or lifestyle.

But what if you don’t have time to slip into fallowness? You’ve got a health condition that must be managed or some weight your doctor has said must come off or you have a career-defining work project due in a few days, or, or, or…

1. Take a week off. Commit to taking an entire week off. Open your calendar and mark a day seven days from today. You’ve got until this day to do whatever you want, eat what you want, exercise or not. This may sound counter-intuitive, but chances are, the rebel in you will love the space and permission that comes with taking time off. I find that most of my clients who take a week off don’t do any harm to themselves. They may drink a bit more than normal. They may gain an inch and a pound or two, but seldom anything detrimental comes of it. In fact, they usually come back invigorated and ready to commit—deeply—to moving forward. Our will is one of the most powerful obstacles to getting or not-getting healthy. If you treat it like the inner toddler that it is—with reverse psychology—you may be pleasantly surprised at how it comes around to help you meet your wellness goals.

2. Or, just stick to an alkalizing breakfast. If going all loosey-goosey for an entire week worries you, I invite you to concentrate on just one thing: Eating an alkalizing, Stephanie-approved breakfast. This would be a green drink (please go very easy on the fruit!) and a side of protein, such as an egg, a cup of beans or lentils, a bit of salmon or a piece of chicken from last night’s dinner. (I’ll be back next week with an entire post on breakfasts: Stay tuned.) Once you’ve done that, you can play. Go ahead and have hot dogs for lunch and takeout Chinese for dinner. A second cocktail at happy hour? Go for it! Want to skip yoga? Go ahead! But if you have the breakfast I suggest, you’ll start the day in such an alkaline way that there is a good chance you won’t feel like completely falling off the healthy-living wagon. There is something so energizing about being alkaline, that often it’s the single one thing we can do to ensure all of our other be-healthy efforts stay on track. Don’t believe me? Try it!


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