Chocolate + Cherries

How is summer treating you? I’m having a great time enjoying the season’s slower pace, writing my next book and hanging out with my family. In fact, one of the highlights of my summer each year is driving from my home in NYC to Ludington, MI (on the Western shores of Lake Michigan). I’ve got family in Michigan—every year we go, stay on the lake and sample the local foods. One of our Michigan favorites? Cherries!

In Michigan, folks use this gorgeous stone fruit in everything from burgers to smoothies. Whether the sour variety or sweet, the light Queen Anne types to the deeply colored Bing varieties, you’ll get fiber, minerals, and antioxidants (such as anthocyanins, flavonoids thought to protect against cancer and improve heart and brain function).But I’ve got to admit, one of my favorite ways to enjoy the fruit is this elegant recipe.


Chocolate Cherries are a take on two confectionery favorites: candy-box cordials and dipped strawberries. Use fruit that still has its stems for easier dipping. If you can’t stand the thought of pits, feel free to pit the cherries first: The finished product won’t be as elegant, but it will make for easier eating.


2 cups sweet fresh cherries, such as Bing

1.5 ounces organic dark chocolate (feel free to use milk chocolate, though you won’t get the hit of antioxidants you would with dark chocolate), melted


1. Dip the lower half of each cherry in chocolate. Allow excess chocolate drip off.
2. Transfer to a parchment-lined baking sheet and refrigerate about 20 minutes.


P.S. If you’ve never tried tart cherries before, the Montmorency variety is one of my favorites. I like to buy bags of unsweetened dried Montmorency cherries to use in baking and savory cooking. (And to mix with nuts for an easy grab-and-go snack.)




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