12 Proven Secrets To The Best Picnic Ever

Hello Gorgeous! Summer will soon be ending and my question to you is: Have you had a picnic yet? Not a “grab some fast food and sit outside” meal, but a real-life, bona fide picnic. Taken from the 17th Century French word picque-nique, meaning “a social gathering involving shared food”, the modern word picnic means an “outing that involves taking

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Quick question: How many of you think of health as some difficult-to-reach state that happens once you lose weight—enough weight—to fit into your skinny jeans? You’re not alone. A lot of people associate being healthy with being thin. The truth is bigger (and easier!) than reaching a size 5 or a number on a scale. True health comes not with

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Simplify with Watermelon

For a lot of us, life is a busy jumble of work, family, friends, partners, leisure, self-care, worship, charity and obligation. Sometimes, this works. More often, however, it feels overwhelming and chaotic. Not good! One of the most calming things you can do for yourself is to slow down and enjoy something simple, soulful and hopefully healthy. (Wow—lots of alliteration

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