Tap It Out

Each Wednesday I focus on a healing modality I like to use with clients. Today, we are talking about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a form of psychological acupressure also known as tapping. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? If you’ve ever experienced acupuncture, you already have an understanding of EFT: Activate the very same acupoints used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help

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Beauty Food Focus: Beans

Beans, or legumes, including peas and lentils, are an excellent source of plant-based protein. Beans are found in most traditional cultures as a staple food, offering grounding and strengthening properties that enhance endurance. They offer a highly usable, highly absorbable source of calcium for the body. A very inexpensive source of high nutrition, beans can be rich, delicious and satisfying,

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Beauty Food Focus: Quinoa

Becuase I like to avoid wheat and wheat-based products, I am always searching for great grains to add to my diet. One of my favorites is quinoa. When cooked, it has a fluffy, slightly crunchy texture. Try it in soups, salads, as a breakfast porridge or as its own side dish. Pronounced keen-wah, this nutritional powerhouse boasts ancient origins. It

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