About Stephanie

Hello, Gorgeous!
My name is Stephanie Pedersen.

I am a holistic nutritionist and safe food advocate. I’m also a superfood author, speaker and multi-media host. Whether you want to get into your favorite pair of skinny jeans or eat gluten-free, I am dedicated to helping you.

Through weekly newsletters featuring tips and recipes, private 1-on-1 work, personalized meal plans, group programs, my books, regular online interview series, and my audios and videos, I teach you to lose weight quickly, maintain weight loss, get rid of cravings, speed up your metabolism, and cook for and eat for health.

I started my career as a health journalist, so wellness is a topic I have always loved. When my first son was born in January 2002, however, my view of wellness completely changed. Pregnant with him during the 9/11 Trade Tower attacks, I was exposed to a massive amount of toxins. I passed these on to my son, who was born with off-the-charts heavy metal poisoning. Using clinical nutrition, holistic and naturopathic healing modalities–with a lot of help from talented energy and body workers–my son is now vibrantly healthy.

stephanieUnfortunately, my own toxic exposure, plus nine difficult years spent treating my gorgeous son, took a toll on my own health and I was diagnosed with high metal toxicity and adrenal gland failure. What I noticed during this time is the sicker I got, the more unattractive I felt–and looked. I felt shriveled, invisible, worn out, used up, and yes, downright unappealing. My skin was mottled, creased and dull.

I had zero energy. I just couldn’t seem to lose weight. My hair had no lustre. My eyes were dead. And my career suffered—I didn’t have the energy to keep up with the workload, nor did I feel confident enough to get out into the world and do what was necessary to make my career a success.

Depressed and desperate for a solution, I returned to school to study hard-core nutrition, as well as healing modalities and whole foods cooking. One of the happiest days of my life (right up there with my marriage, and the birth of each of my three sons) was when I became a nutritionist.

Once I began applying principles I had learned in my studies, I healed. As I became healthier, people began complimenting me on my skin, my eyes, my hair, my figure. I finally let go of my “safety weight” and I felt (and looked) so vibrant that people began paying attention to me, listening to me, saying yes to me. The Universe even jumped in and began granting my outrageous requests.

I felt so energetic and so comfortable with my self, my body and my looks—after years of being depressed and invisible, my life was finally fun!

I can do the same thing for you!

Here’s how: