Guest Blogpost: Self-Limiting Beliefs, by Mary Carlomagno

Today’s guest post comes from the fabulous Mary Carlomagno, author of several non-fiction—and now fiction—books. I am so grateful for Mary’s inspirational look at the fears that keep us stuck. Thank you, Mary!


Self-Limiting Beliefs

For years, I was afraid to write fiction, letting my insecurity about writing the perfect novel paralyze my efforts. One day while scrolling through Facebook, I saw a meme that spoke to me. It said “Do not let self-limiting beliefs hold you back from achieving your dreams.”

Now, I cannot be sure if this was a quote from a gifted psychologist or some straight talk from my neighbor down the road, because those lovely new graphics on Facebook can make your laundry list look like a pearl of wisdom. Graphics aside, the concept of self-limiting beliefs needed further research and now. Instead of writing my novel, I got to work on defining what exactly was holding me back from writing. I found that self-limiting beliefs are things that you believe about yourself that place limitations on your abilities. And so, I had my definition, I was suffering from Self-Limiting Beliefs or SLB as I have come to call them. Besides self-sabotage and googling about them, I also am fond of acronyms. Acronyms make things seem more real, don’t you think? Almost clinical, really…


Hi, Healthy! I Am Looking for Guest Bloggers! Are You Interested?

Do you enjoy writing about healthy food? Self-care? Spirituality? Some type of wellness care (chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, pilates, aromatherapy, etc.)? Caring for aging parents or your children? Supplements? Fitness? Another topic related to wellness and self-esteem? Have a first person story to share? Or something else health-related you’d like to explore? Maybe you’ve posted a kick-ass article on your own site and would love to share it here, as well! I am looking for guest bloggers.


The 5 gifts I am giving this year

Hello Gorgeous,
The winter holidays are here: Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s. If you haven’t finished your gift shopping yet and are looking around for new and novel and inexpensive gifts to help your loved ones get healthy, I’ve got a few suggestions. These are the five gifts I am giving everyone in my life, both the nice and the naughty.

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Have a Pumpkin Spice Latte—On Me

If you’ve ever read my blog or used my cookbooks or worked with me privately, you know that I am not a fan of Starbucks’ flavored coffee and tea drinks. (Well, it’s not just Starbucks…. I don’t love any of the flavored coffee or tea drinks from Dunkin’ Donuts or any other chain.)

You can go here and learn why.

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Praise for Stephanie

“When I signed up for the 21-Day Power Life Detox program with Stephanie Pedersen I thought it would be a good way to clean out my diet and deal with ongoing food cravings which seemed to always have the upper hand. Having tried various programs and approaches and diets in the past, I was willing to try this, too. Working with Stephanie was extremely gentle. She eased us into a comprehensive pro…
JWBrooklyn, NY USA
“After just 3 months of working with Stephanie, I have gone from what I called dumpy to being irresistible. It is true. I am irresistible. Extreme health and self-love has made me confident and magnetic, which are my secret beauty weapons. You would not believe the things I now attract into my life-a $10,000 mid-year pay raise, weekly flowers and footrubs from my husband and the comfort of reall…
Serina Brunner, RNOperating Room NurseNew York, New York USA
“I am so grateful that signed up for this detox. It went above and beyond what a traditional detox might do: Stephanie addressed all aspects of our lives—physical, yes, but also spiritual and emotional. I was really blown away by the non-physical changes. Plus, I lost 5 pounds on the detox, and I gained clarity and a deeper connection to my emotions. Thank you so much, Stephanie!”
Charley StewartNew York, NY USA
“For years I’d felt invisible. Not even construction workers looked at me! My husband didn’t seem jazzed by my company and I felt so mousy that I barely noticed myself. So when I met Stephanie at a networking event, knew I wanted what she had. She just radiates health and peace and sensuality. I wanted her radiance, her comfort with herself, her ease with other people, and her total beauty. …
Mari JensenMari Jensen, Esq.New York, New York USA
“I loved Stephanie’s 21-day detox. It was the perfect mix of great information, inspiration and support. I learned lots, I was inspired, and I felt very supported by Stephanie. She made it clear that wherever we were at and how we each did this detox was perfect. I received lots of great suggestions to handle my own challenging times…..such as nibbling after dinner, and being out and abou…
Vicky WhiteInner Feng Shui Coach and Pathfinder for Women on the Edge of REINVENTION Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
“By the end of our first two weeks together, Stephanie had me—a person who had absolutely NO TIME for me—easily and joyfully meditating, writing morning pages, juicing, doing stretches, focusing on exercise and really recognising that I needed to make changes if I wanted a changed life. I have made permanent changes to my daily health routine. I now have myself put firmly ‘first’ in m…
Constance HarrisFashion writer for The Sunday Independent, Ireland Shamanic Dublin, Ireland
“What a joy to be coached by Stephanie! As an Entrepreneur and a Mum it is really important that I have superb energy to run my business and have the vitality to keep up with my 3 children. Stephanie gave me a wonderful Morning Ritual to set me up for Power in my day, my life and my business, as well as giving me the radiant glow that I, as a woman, love. As a Feminine Leader I believe in lea…
Fatma ZaidiFeminine Leadership Coach Live your Magnificence! Toronto, Ontario Canada
“Stephanie is a fantastic listener and communicator. Her enthusiasm, encouragement and knowledge of health and wellness are unsurpassed. I decided to participate in her 21-Day Power Life Detox program, quite frankly because while I am happy with my weight and exercise very regularly, I eat way too much ice-cream and chocolate. Further, I have Multiple Sclerosis and my symptoms are often trigger…
Jill WatsonNew Jersey USA
“We’ve been wanting to work with a nutritionist but haven’t been able to find the right one. We were looking for someone who had experience with people who had lost a kidney to cancer, as well as experience with allergies and with a host of family food issues. Stephanie fit all those things, being a Mom herself, as well as having the expertise with our specific problems. We didn’t want som…
Lisa Napa, California USA
“Stephanie’s expertise in matters of diet and holistic health are quite amazing. Her personalized interview at the start of our healing relationship is caring and full of expert advice. I would recommend Stephanie’s caring sessions without reservation. She is a dear and kind soul, who is confident and professional. It is a joy working with her!”
Pamela Olsen, LMT Massage Therapist Olsen Shiatsu & Massage New York, New York USA



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